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Creating a get_template_part() function like WordPress

I like WordPress function get_template_part() where its basically a PHP file but doesn't use require_once, require, include etc. Basically it returns data to be stored in variable. Every WP function includes another function, its a loop and hard to find how actually it works. I created a small function but I dont know if it is the right way, or it will put a lot of load on system when everything will be using this function to load diffident PHP files as templates: function get_template_part( $template ) { $path = dirname(__DIR__) . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR .'admin'. DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR .'templates'. DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR; if ( file_exists( $path . $template .'.php' ) ) { ob_start(); require_once $path . $template .'.php'; return ob_get_clean(); } else return "<strong>Template Missing:</strong> ".$template.".php"; } Can someone please check of my above function is good to load all templates in a big system, if not please advise on how does WP does it or if you can please help upgrade my little function to avoid any potential problems. I also created another function, but still not satisfied (this function does not run <?php but only evaluates the variables.. function template($fname) { $tfile = TEMP_DIR."/$fname.tpl"; if(!file_exists($tfile)) return "<br /><b>warning</b> : missing template - $fname<br />"; $data = file_get_contents($tfile); $data = str_replace("\"","\\\"",$data); return $data; } function eval_template($tpl) { $tpl_data = template($tpl); $arr = array(); if( preg_match_all('/\$\w+/', $tpl_data, $matches) ) { $arr = array_unique($matches[0]); foreach($arr as $v) { $v = str_replace('$','',$v); global ${"$v"}; } } }
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