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Create WooCommerce Product save product id to ACF field

So currently I created a custom button on my custom post type "vault" that when clicked it will turn the info of that custom post type into a WooCommerce product. Once the WooCommerce product is created it should pass back the product ID and save it to a ACF field called woo_product_id. Currently it's not saving the product ID to that field but the product is being created. Here is my code: // Hook to save ACF field after custom post type is created or updated function save_acf_field_to_custom_post_type($vault_id, $acf_field_value) { // Check if it's the desired custom post type if (get_post_type($vault_id) === 'vault') { // Check if the ACF field value is provided if ($acf_field_value !== null) { // Update the post meta with the ACF field value update_post_meta($vault_id, 'woo_product_id', $acf_field_value); } } } // Create Sell Button function blz_add_sell_button_to_vault( $post ) { // Checking its the correct post type if ( get_post_type( $post ) == 'vault' ){ echo '<div class="email-buttons" style="padding-right:20px;"><input id="make-product" class="button-primary" name="make-product" type="submit" value="Move To Store" /></div>'; } } add_action('post_submitbox_minor_actions', 'blz_add_sell_button_to_vault', 10, 2 ); /** * Create Product in WooCommerce * * @param integer $post_ID * @param WP_Post $post * @param boolean $update * @return void * */ function blz_check_if_send_email_button_pushed(int $post_ID, WP_Post $post, bool $update){ if ( key_exists( 'make-product', $_POST ) && $_POST['make-product'] == 'Move To Store'){ // Get Models Basic Info $figureInfo = get_post($post_ID); $figureName = $figureInfo->post_title; $figurePrice = get_field('price'); $figurePhoto = get_post_thumbnail_id($post_ID); $figureSlug = basename(get_permalink($post_ID)); $figurePhotos = array(); foreach (get_field('photo_gallery') as $images) { array_push($figurePhotos, $images['ID']); } // Pass Figure info to WooCommerce $product = new WC_Product_Simple(); $product->set_name($figureName); // product title $product->set_slug($figureSlug); $product->set_regular_price( $figurePrice ); // in current shop currency $product->set_image_id( $figurePhoto ); $product->set_gallery_image_ids($figurePhotos); $product->save(); save_acf_field_to_custom_post_type($figureInfo->ID, '123456'); } } add_action( 'save_vault_post', 'blz_check_if_send_email_button_pushed', 10, 3 );
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