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Compound calculator [closed]

Closed. This question needs to be more focused. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it focuses on one problem only by editing this post. Closed 12 hours ago. Improve this question I found a compound calculator for wordpress but it calculates the interest on a annual interest, I would like it to calculate on a monthly compounding on the input instead, can someone help. Code: (function(){ var due = 0, A = fieldname5, /* Payment */ P = fieldname1, /* Start Amount */ r = fieldname2, /* Annual Interest Rate 5% */ n = fieldname3, /* Compound Frequency */ t = fieldname4, /* Years of Growth */ p = fieldname6, /* Payment Frequency */ rate = Math.pow(1+r/n,n/p)-1, nper = p * t, F = (P+(due ? A : 0))*Math.pow(1+rate, nper) + A*( (Math.pow(1+rate,nper) - 1)/rate ) - (due ? A : 0); return PREC(F,2); })() I want it to work as this one: I tried to get Chatgpt to help but not working.
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