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CodeIgniter -> Shopify API. How to log in via OAuth via the CLI? Using shopify-api-php

I have been racking my brain for ages here - if somebody could enlighten me I would be extremely grateful. I'm trying to perform a standard OAUTH login, exactly as per the docs here: I have the api key, api secret key, host name etc. I am invoking the action using the command line - there is no web interface. I am running the application locally and using Session storage as there are no web cookies as I am not using a web browser. Where I'm tripping up is on the 'callback' function - this doesn't seem to do anything. I am calling Context::initialize and OAuth::begin(... without issue but that is where things trip up. I have a corresponding route set up '/auth/callback' which I believe should be invoked once the server returns a response to the initial login request which then provides the code, hmac values etc. needed to validate the session, but nothing happens. I need to call OAuth::callback(... from within this callback function. Context::initialize( apiKey: config('ShopifyConfig')->api_key, apiSecretKey: config('ShopifyConfig')->api_secret_key, scopes: config('ShopifyConfig')->api_scopes, hostName: config('ShopifyConfig')->host_name, sessionStorage: new FileSessionStorage(), apiVersion: config('ShopifyConfig')->api_version, ); $redirectUrl = OAuth::begin( shop: config('ShopifyConfig')->host_name, redirectPath: '/auth/callback', // doesn't do anything! isOnline: false, setCookieFunction: function (OAuthCookie $cookie) { $_SESSION['cookie'][] = [ 'name' => $cookie->getName(), 'value' => $cookie->getValue(), 'expire' => $cookie->getExpire(), 'secure' => $cookie->isSecure(), 'httpOnly' => $cookie->isHttpOnly(), ]; return true; } ); public function logIn(Request $request) { OAuth::callback(...) // Routes file $routes->get('/auth/callback', 'Home::logIn'); $routes->post('/auth/callback', 'Home::logIn'); $routes->cli('/auth/callback', 'Home::logIn');
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