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Change WooCommerce Variable Product Custom Attributes dropdown option none name

I am building a website in WooCommerce and I have made a custom single-product page, as I wanted to style the page. I have created a child theme and within this child theme, the files structure looks like this: #child-theme |-- functions.php |-- woocommerce.php |-- woocommerce | |-- add-to-cart | |-- variable.php |-- js |-- custom-select-script.js I have created a variable product and added attributes giving them names and values, like: name: choose a price and values 25 | 50 | 75 | 100, name: choose a card and values card1 | card2 | card 3. I want to get this name / values as the default value for the generated dropdown, like this: <select name="choose-a-price" id="choose-a-price"> <option value="">--Choose a Price--</option> <option value="kind-1">K-1</option> <option value="kind-2">k-2</option> <option value="kind-3">k-3</option> <option value="kind-4">k-4</option> </select> but I am getting all the time this: <select name="choose-a-price" id="choose-a-price"> <option value="">--Choose a option--</option> <option value="kind-1">K-1</option> <option value="kind-2">k-2</option> <option value="kind-3">k-3</option> <option value="kind-4">k-4</option> </select> This is my variable.php and with the echo ($attribute_name), I see the name attributes, but somehow not getting them loaded in the dropdown. This is my variable.php template file: /** * Variable product add to cart * * This template can be overridden by copying it to kaon-child/woocommerce/single-product/add-to-cart/variable.php. * * HOWEVER, on occasion WooCommerce will need to update template files and you * (the theme developer) will need to copy the new files to your theme to * maintain compatibility. We try to do this as little as possible, but it does * happen. When this occurs the version of the template file will be bumped and * the readme will list any important changes. * * @see * @package WooCommerce\Templates * @version 6.1.0 */ defined( 'ABSPATH' ) || exit; global $product; $attribute_keys = array_keys( $attributes ); $variations_json = wp_json_encode( $available_variations ); $variations_attr = function_exists( 'wc_esc_json' ) ? wc_esc_json( $variations_json ) : _wp_specialchars( $variations_json, ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8', true ); do_action( 'woocommerce_before_add_to_cart_form' ); ?> <form class="variations_form cart" action="<?php echo esc_url( apply_filters( 'woocommerce_add_to_cart_form_action', $product->get_permalink() ) ); ?>" method="post" enctype='multipart/form-data' data-product_id="<?php echo absint( $product->get_id() ); ?>" data-product_variations="<?php echo $variations_attr; // WPCS: XSS ok. ?>"> <?php do_action( 'woocommerce_before_variations_form' ); ?> <?php if ( empty( $available_variations ) && false !== $available_variations ) : ?> <p class="stock out-of-stock"><?php echo esc_html( apply_filters( 'woocommerce_out_of_stock_message', __( 'Dit product is op dit moment niet meer beschikbaar.', 'woocommerce' ) ) ); ?></p> <?php else : ?> <table class="variations" cellspacing="0" role="presentation"> <tbody> <?php foreach ( array_keys( $attributes ) as $attribute_name ) : ?> <tr> <th class="label"><label for="<?php echo esc_attr( sanitize_title( $attribute_name ) ); ?>"><?php echo wc_attribute_label( $attribute_name ); // WPCS: XSS ok. ?></label></th> <td class="value"> <?php wc_dropdown_variation_attribute_options( array( 'options' => array_merge( array( '' => wc_attribute_label( $attribute_name ) ), $attributes[ $attribute_name ] ), 'attribute' => $attribute_name, 'product' => $product, ) ); echo ($attribute_name); echo end( $attribute_keys ) === $attribute_name ? wp_kses_post( apply_filters( 'woocommerce_reset_variations_link', '<a class="reset_variations" href="#">' . esc_html__( 'Clear', 'woocommerce' ) . '</a>' ) ) : ''; ?> </td> </tr> <?php endforeach; ?> </tbody> </table> <?php do_action( 'woocommerce_after_variations_table' ); ?> <div class="single_variation_wrap"> <?php /** * Hook: woocommerce_before_single_variation. */ do_action( 'woocommerce_before_single_variation' ); /** * Hook: woocommerce_single_variation. Used to output the cart button and placeholder for variation data. * * @since 2.4.0 * @hooked woocommerce_single_variation - 10 Empty div for variation data. * @hooked woocommerce_single_variation_add_to_cart_button - 20 Qty and cart button. */ do_action( 'woocommerce_single_variation' ); /** * Hook: woocommerce_after_single_variation. */ do_action( 'woocommerce_after_single_variation' ); ?> </div> <?php endif; ?> <?php do_action( 'woocommerce_after_variations_form' ); ?> </form> <?php do_action( 'woocommerce_after_add_to_cart_form' ); I have tried many js, with wp filters and a lot of reading, but cant get it working. How to make changes to the product attribute(s) dropdown(s)?
First, change your variable product attributes like: Attribute name: Choose a Price and value(s): 25|50|75|100 Attribute name: Choose a Card and value(s): Card 1|Card 2|Card 3 Save attributes. Check and regenerate, if needed, your Variations as you want. Then add the following code snippet: add_filter('woocommerce_dropdown_variation_attribute_options_html','customize_attribute_dropdown_show_option_none', 100, 2 ); function customize_attribute_dropdown_show_option_none( $html, $args ){ // Here, we define our related attribute slugs $attribute_slugs = array('choose-a-price', 'choose-a-card'); if ( in_array( sanitize_title($args['attribute']), $attribute_slugs ) ) { $html = str_replace($args['show_option_none'], $args['attribute'], $html); } return $html; } Code goes in functions.php file of your child theme (or in a plugin). Tested and work.

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