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Built a gutenberg block in edit.js, just not sure how to import it to save.js

I am a newbie to building custom Gutenberg blocks.I've built a block in edit.js import { __ } from '@wordpress/i18n'; import { useBlockProps, InspectorControls, PanelColorSettings } from '@wordpress/block-editor'; import apiFetch from '@wordpress/api-fetch'; import { PanelBody, PanelRow } from '@wordpress/components'; import { useState } from '@wordpress/element'; import './editor.scss'; let options = []; let catagories = []; apiFetch({ path: '/wp/v2/posts?_embed=wp:term' }).then((posts) => { if (posts.length) { posts.forEach((post) => { options.push({ value:, label: post.title.rendered, content: post.excerpt.rendered, image: post.featured_image_url, link:, catagory: post._embedded['wp:term']['0']['0']['name'] }); catagories.push({ catagory: post._embedded['wp:term']['0']['0']['name'] }); }) } } , options); export default function Edit({ attributes, setAttributes }) { const blockProps = useBlockProps(); const { backgroundColor, textColor } = attributes; const updateGroupId = (val) => { setAttributes({ GroupId: parseInt(val) }); } const onChangeBackgroundColor = (BackgroundColor) => { setAttributes({ backgroundColor: BackgroundColor }) } const onChangeTextColor = (TextColor) => { setAttributes({ textColor: TextColor }) } const stringArray =; const uniqueStringArray = new Set(stringArray); const uniqueArray = Array.from(uniqueStringArray, JSON.parse); const [selectedValue, setSelectedValue] = useState('vtalk'); const handleSelectChange = (event) => { setSelectedValue(; console.log(; } const mapFile = options.filter((m, idx) => idx < 5 && m.catagory == selectedValue).map((m) => { return (<div class="blog-stamp"><img src={m.image} width="200" height="200" /><h3 class="stamp-title">{m.label}</h3><p class="stamp-excerpt">{m.content}</p><p class="button-parent"><a href={} class="sfs-button" style={{ backgroundColor: backgroundColor, color: textColor }}>Read more</a></p></div>) }); return ( <div {...blockProps}> <InspectorControls> <PanelColorSettings title={__('Button Color settings', 'sfs-block')} initialOpen={false} colorSettings={[ { value: textColor, onChange: onChangeTextColor, label: __('Button Text color', 'sfs-block') }, { value: backgroundColor, onChange: onChangeBackgroundColor, label: __('Button Background color', 'sfs-block') } ]} /> <PanelBody title={__('catagory filter', 'sfs-block')} initialOpen={true} > <PanelRow> <fieldset> <select value={selectedValue} onChange={handleSelectChange}> { => { return <option value={cat.catagory}>{cat.catagory}</option> })} </select> </fieldset> </PanelRow> </PanelBody> </InspectorControls> {console.log(uniqueArray)} <p class="blog-stamp-parent">{mapFile}</p> </div> ); } However, I call a .map() in edit.js, I am not really sure what I need to do code wise so it renders in save.js. I've been research this for days but can't come up with a solution. But, every solution just gives me loads of errors. I am not sure if i should create a seperate file and import everything in there using registerBlockType() However I think I will still have the same problem of what to put in save. Please help
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