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Add required date picker to shopify product page

I added a date input as block to a Shopify product template. It works and the data addeed to it appears in the properties of the product, when in cart and ordered. But I can't get the input to be required here. Important to note: This ist NOT to add a delivery date. The product is a course and the buyer need to choose the date of participation. I've added the required attribute to the input element and also added an required as class. Markup in main-product.liquid <date-picker class="date_picker"> <label for="course-date-{{ }}" class="date_picker__label form__label" > {{- 'products.product.course_date' | t -}} </label> <div class="date_picker__input-wrapper"> <input type="date" id="course-date-{{ }}" class="required date_picker__input" name="properties[Kursdatum]" min="{{ block.settings.season_date_start }}" max="{{ block.settings.season_date_end }}" form="{{ product_form_id }}" required /> </div> </date-picker>
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